chapel forth

what a glorious walk – start from the cliff top of st agnes and walk over the coastal path to chapel porth – about a good hour and quarter walk – its got to be one of the most stunning views i have ever seen.  you leave the dramatic landscape of st agnes, through fields of blazing heather, the magnificent ruins of an old tin mine and down to the hidden cove of chapel porth.  typically cornwall weather, we started the walk with sundresses and suncream, donning cardigans half way through with the brisk wind blowing in our ears, and ended up dodging the odd shower.   we treated ourselves  with hot ribenas and finished off with the infamous hedgehog icecream (cornish vanilla, dipped in clotted cream, then rolled in chopped hazelnuts), before starting on the same journey back.  its a good way to build up an appetite, so lunch in the new shack cafe genki bar, on the road from the beach to the st agnes town was our choice;   the smoothies and paninis are just perfectly healthy and not too overpriced.

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