st agnes cornwall

arrived yesterday teatime in st agnes cornwall to showers and sun and a welcoming rainbow – its typically english weather, one minute rain and next sun.

am with a girlfriend claudia and our 3 daughters – what fun, no men, no rules, no questions – we just cook and eat when we want – no big decisions on what to do or where to go.  its an ideal holiday, there are lots of hands with helping for cooking and clearing up, so you dont feel that you are always in the kitchen!

we are staying at a friends’ house in St Agnes, near Truro in cornwall and i have to say it is situated in one of the most amazing spots in the world, with one of the most stunning views i have ever seen.   there is the constant sound of the sea, the rushing of the waves,  the crashing against the rocks and the view is just amazing.  even in the grey clouds and drizzle, the view was spectacular and for once, the weather just didnt seem to matter.

St Agnes is a great beach for surfing and unlike some of the other well known beaches in the area, is not as crowded, even in the height of august.  the little town has all the amenities thats necessary – a lovely butcher, fruit and veg shop and a spar.   its definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

view from my window


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