olympic park

well i was lucky enough to get some tickets to see the diving, care of mission impossible – they really can get you anything, though the prices can be a bit high – you just have to set yourself a limit.   its very sad, frustrating and annoying that the tickets have been impossible to get, and when they are available only at extortionate prices.  i cant believe that tickets can originally be priced at these ridiculous prices – when did a ticket to an event become the same cost as a flight half way round the world?

i found the park far busier than i expected – and the distances from one building to the other so great that we didnt actually leave enough time before sitting in the aquatics centre to walk around properly.   i have to admit, it was organised amazingly well, from the train ride to the security check to even going to the toilet – it was all clean and the queuing time shorter than anticipated.   the aquatics centre was pretty stunning externally, but i found the interior disappointing – the spectacular dipped ceiling blocked the views of the rest of the stadium and was pretty distracting.   we had fab seats though, just in front of the beautiful concrete diving platforms –  you had to concentrate and watch carefully though, cos the dives are very fast, unlike watching on a screen where you get slow motion.

all in all, we had a great time and its a worthwhile and memorable experience – maude thoroughly enjoyed the divers.

all the wild flower planting around the canal was beautiful and abundant and the grassy banks offered a perfect spot to have a picnic.   lets hope that once the olympics have finished we will all be able to get an opportunity to walk round and view all the spaces at leisure and little expense!


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