planet bazaar

took a walk around camden market on sunday morning and was pleasantly surprised to find that there are some interesting things there – its not all junk, t shirts and trainers.  we actually bought a 1960’s floor lamp from planet bazaar, which is at the far end of the stables – it has a good selection of mid century furniture and accesories, including lamps, chairs, posters and desks – its not your high end collectibles, but thats what makes it affordable.    also within the hugely extended stables are a few vintage stalls selling clothes and vintage suitcases – not as many as in portobello, but the few that are there are worth looking at.

its worth going before mid day before the crowds arrive;  i am not a big fan of street food in london, but the jerk chicken near the canal is tasty, especially with the plantain.  apparently the cafe at the roundhouse, made in camden is quite good, and definitely worth a stop is marine ices at chalk farm for pizza and traditional italian pasta.

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