films on planes

i love to travel, but i hate to physically travel – maybe one day there will be an easier way, but even with all this on line precheck on, choose your seats before you board, just take carry on and go straight through to security – its always a long lengthy and stressful process.  i now use the time for long flights to either catch up on my reading, or catching up on films – which is exactly what i did this time.  i managed to watch ‘Salmon fishing in the Yemen‘ – beautiful scenery, but a bit dull and predictable ending, but nice enough for a plane journey to pass the time;  the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – again amazing scenery and definitely made me want to go to india – enjoyable story, but maybe made me feel a bit old, especially as it is something that i could consider myself;  Friends with Kids – made me laugh – but quite an unbelievable story, again with a predictable ending, but definitely the type of film you watch on planes. dont you hate it when you are watching a film and then just near the end, the entertainment goes off cos the plane is about to land?

3 thoughts on “films on planes

  1. I was travelling on Air Malaysia recently and the films you have mentioned were all on the “Coming Soon” list. It seems that whenever I travel, all the best films are coming soon! Mind you, I slept most of the way so I can’t complain.


  2. Well, going there I slept, but on the way back I decided it would be a good idea to have a cup of coffee before getting on the plane – even though I don’t normally drink it. I don’t recommend it!


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