new tanks gallery at tate modern

the good thing about having a membership with a gallery is that you are constantly reminded what is new – so on tuesday Maria and I went to the first day of the opening of the tanks – the new space at Tate Modern, which are totally dedicated to live art – apparently the first museum in the world to entirely assign a space permanently to this type of art. I am also lucky to have Maria as a friend, we both studied Architecture together , though she pursued to the end and so spends all her free time seeking out new exhibitions and buildings to see.    i did enjoy the short preview dance by Anne Teresa de Keerskaeker, who is also performing tonight and friday this week – it was exciting, different, unexpected and also mesmerising……  however,  call me old fashioned, but i do feel that i need a teacher to walk round with me explaining what some  of the art pieces means.  sometimes art is challenging and makes you think deeper, but sometimes i wonder whether its worth the trouble and that the deep thought process has lost the original idea?

anyhow, the actual spaces are pretty amazing, not as you imagine basements to be, tall, impressive, industrial and the actual utilisation of the spaces is clever – these galleries are worth the visit and for their time are quite futuristic with their concrete shuttered slanting pillars, reminiscent of the hayward.    also worth seeing is edvard munch, athough his famous scream painting is absent – i quite like the odd perspectives and cartoon like drawing technique and his scenes of everyday life, though i did think far too many of the paintings were repetitive.

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