schiaparelli and prada – impossible conversations

it must be something about getting older, but my sense of direction is just getting worse – robert says how can you get lost in new york, if you look up and there are high buildings then you are going uptown, and if they are not, you are going downtown.   its easy for him to say, when i look up, it all looks high –  basically i have to turn my map the direction that i am going – orientation is definitely not my forte.    anyhow, i took the metro uptown – again confusing as there are actually 3 trains on the same line, 4 5 and 6 – its took me 5 days to realise that 5 is express and 6 is local, as unlike the london system, there are no maps or list of stops visibly posted for you to check and on a lot of trains, the lines on the posters dont actually match the train that you are on.   all so confusing, so i would definitely say, buy yourself a small street and metro map to consult whilst travelling around.   another tip that i learned – when you go to refill your metro card on the machine, you need a zip code for your credit card to be accepted – you just put 11111 and it readily accepts it!

anyhow, i got to the Metropolitan muesum, which is by Central Park to see the schiaparelli and prada exhibition – impossible conversations.   i loved the film which is basically a conversation between the 2 iconic women that shows their different approaches to their work – it added another dimension to the beautiful but static displays of their clothes, showing comparisons and influences between the two.   of course, Prada has a lot of classic pieces and is modern,  but for the show, it mainly revealed her more artistic and eclectic styles – just as Schiaparelli did with her collaborations with artists such as Dali and Cocteau.    for me, i just loved the simpicity, the beautiful lines, the way the clothes draped the body of the schiaparelli – i wish that i had been born during that time of fashion.    also worth seeing are the beautiful plant drawings of ellsworth kelly, the rooftop installation and the room full of picasso blues and matisse!   dont miss the amazing view of manhattan skyline with central park from the rooftop -you can spend all day at the metropolitan, so give yourself a few hours.

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