new york

arrived in new york last night with the boys – we asked alfie what he wanted as a present for finishing all his gcse’s and this is what he chose.  of course, i thought great, some mother and son bonding, but the trip has now ended with a friend  of his coming and my husband also tagging on for the first few nights.  anyhow, its a good excuse to spend some quality time rather than feeling that i have to drag the family around on sightseeing tours.   we have rented an apartment from a friend, down in the financial district, a totally new area for me to explore, but its so much more practical and comfortable, (and cost effective) to have an apartment for 4 of us.   i did look on trip advisor and in fact there were lots available, but in the end chose to sublet a friends apartment – it seems that the whole of new york empties out during july and august and so there are lots of apartments to rent.  my eldest daughter, also happens to be here interning for an artist and she is also subletting an apartment in williamsburg with another friend – she finds things from craigs list.

views from the apartment roof terrace

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