i was lucky enough to go to wimbledon today for the very first time – it was a new experience and very different to watching it on the tv.  i was on centre court, which was very wierd, cos there was no sensation of you being in an outside space, especially as the roof was on.  it was only when i went out for a walk that i realised that it was in fact, grey and drizzly – the artificial lights are pretty realistic.  i was very surprised at the movement of people during the one minute break between games – people shuffle in and out – in fact there seemed to be more people in the numerous cafes and terrace bars than in the courts themselves!!   but after 2 hours of continuous watching tennis, i realised that if you were there all day, you definitely need a break or two.   what i did learn was that you can always turn up half way through the day, say after 4pm and buy cheaper tickets for the rest of the day- and now that centre court has the roof and lighting system, tennis does go on until the late hours of the evening.  what happens is when people leave, they can return their tickets and their seats get resold for charity.  so its definitely worth turning up and trying for a ticket.

2 thoughts on “wimbledon

  1. Hi Christina,
    so you were in my manor today! What a shame it was such a rainy day. Over the years we have often cycled down the hill together with the kids, queued for afternoon tickets, walked around the grounds and queued again for centre court or court 1 tickets. I always found it exciting to be there and loved the friendly atmosphere and the many friendly, elderly volunteers who go out of the way to help people find their way. On a sunny day, Wimbledon looks so pretty with all the flower decorations and happy people walking around the grounds. I’m desperate for some sunshine and feel very privileged to be able to fly to Canos next week. Can’t wait!
    Best wishes-


    1. ah yes, and it wasnt as far as i anticipated – people can be so off putting about journeys in london….. it was a shame about the weather, but i still enjoyed the whole experience – i am sure it is much prettier in sunny weather – isnt life much prettier all round when the weather is good? how lucky to go to canos next week – are you there at the end of august, which is when we are there, for the last week; we cant go away til after the olympics and work this year. enjoy canos and tell me some more of your wonderful discoveries. i am taking alfie and his friend to new york tomorrow – his treat for finishing his GCSE’s and also my eldest Alice is there working for 6 weeks, so its nice to just go away with the boys for a change.

      christina x


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