columbia road

yesterday started sunny and bright, so we made a visit to our favourite sunday market, columbia road – we bought our flowers from Carl Grover – his taste in flowers is simple and beautiful – its peonies and stocks that are in season at the moment.   i also got some succulents for our rockery bit of the garden – unfortunately when we had builders, they all got damaged.  i noticed that there are also lots of herbs to be bought – its just the place to go to get anything for the garden.   Carl is based at the far end of columbia road, just before the junction of ravenscroft road.  i bought my bread from jones dairy and a couple of gifts from my favourite shop Jess Chorley – perfect for teenage girls, cute without being cheesy and tacky.  the journals are perfect gifts for arty people – you can never have too many journals.    each time i go, there seems to be new shops – strangely i never remember which has gone, but it does seem to change around.  keeping house is new and has a good selection of kitchen goods, so again if you are anything like me and like to rummage around for culinary bits, this is perfect.  2 columbia road is a treasure of vintage and collectible furniture – lethal though, we have ended up buying furniture that we dont really need!  we ate lunch in campania , italian food cooked simply and from fresh ingredients and whats in season.  i love the vintage  style serving dishes and although the tables are packed quite tightly, its got a lovely vibe about it.   i then went for a 1940’s hairdo at the powder room, a perfect glamorous waved hairstyle for my party last night .   it took about 40 mins, but was amazing and now i have resolved that if i have any big parties to go to, this is where i am coming now.  you can also have a make over, but i wasnt brave enough – maybe next time.

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