kings place

i still havent made it to the galleries at king’s place, but this week i aim to see the printmaking exhibition that is on there until 22 June – it shows 25 years of printmaking at paupers press.  i am half way through my explorative course with adrian taylor at the working men’s college {intro to printmaking} who has now unleashed a whole new dimension to the world of printing.  somehow, i always dismissed printmaking as a secondary art, not as creative or naturally talented as traditional painting, but in fact, the thought process, the planning, the execution is even more complex and once you try to dissect how a print has been achieved, it really does make you appreciate and ponder how the artist’s mind is working.

i did these prints through several processes, first i did a drypoint etching, which i put through the press, and then i did several heat processes with different colour papers – the result each time is variable and unpredictable, but very interesting and pleasing.  for the second print, i started with  a mono print with oil paint on watercolour paper, then used the heat transfer paper.

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