chelsea flower show

i went to the flower show yesterday, on what must have been the hottest day of the year!  it was actually too hot to walk around, and this was 3.30pm!  we bought half day tickets, which was considerably cheaper, and in fact it turned out to be a better time to view, cos after the first heatwave which we decided to spend indoors in the grand pavilion – much cooler and less crowded – the sun had gone down and it was the perfect temperature to walk around and see the actual garden displays.   its definitely a long day, and cant be rushed and patience has to be high on your list – but it is worth seeing all the beautiful planting- i love this wild flower planting- that looks like its been there for years, rather than the minimal formal designed gardens.   if you love flowers, its a great opportunity to see every variety of flower possible and meet the people who grow them – its definitely inspiring, cos even if you only have pots on a balcony or a window sill, there are numerous creative ideas to fuel the imagination.  so if you dont make the last day tomorrow, dont forget to buy tickets early next year!

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