life drawing classes

I feel sad not doing my life drawing classes this term – i wish i had more time to do everything.  fortunately, one of our beautiful models, Chiara has organised a monthly event of life drawing classes in a gallery in west london.   the next one is this saturday 19th may.  chiara is an actress as well as a model, her pre raphaelite red hair echoes that of pre raphaelite models  – think Millais and Rossetti.   Chiara chooses a well known painting and acts out the part of the character, enabling you to be creative or inventive – whatever you choose to do, whether it be a sculpture, a drawing or a painting.  There is no teacher, just the freedom to use the space and performance to discover your own artistic mood.

I am however loving my printing course with Adrian – last week we did drypoint prints – I scratched on acrylic sheet and then inked and put through the press – the effect can be amazing and each one different depending on how you rub away the ink from the acrylic plate.  its very different to the watercolour sketches that i did before.

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