my favourite coffee shop

I love the camden coffee shop on delancey street;  the coffee shop has been there since the 50’s, but George, who came from Cyprus has run the shop since 1978.  It hasnt dated at all, George roasts the beans, grinds them and bags them all to order.  Its a wonderful treat to see such an atmospheric little local shop.  The best thing about living round the corner from this shop is the waft of fresh coffee in the streets.  Its also such a change to see a small independent shop succeed when there are so many chain coffee shops around.  Unfortunately, you cannot drink coffee there, just buy the beans ground or whole.

I also love the algerian coffee store in soho, with its numerous cafetieres for sale, its a splendid bazaar for everything coffee!  you can also get coffee to drink there (standing up only) or to take away.

another favourite is the monmouth coffee shops – they now have 3 branches, and you can sit and enjoy coffee and a pastry!

2 thoughts on “my favourite coffee shop

  1. You are so lucky to live in a part of town where small independent shops still exist and flourish…your dear husband was talking about this coffee shop on his show today and I found myself talking to the radio how much I would love to go that very shop.We have a very similar shop in my hometown, Hamburg. I get increasingly angry about what is happening to my neighbourhood, Wimbledon Village. I always felt ‘the village’ was overrated but it certainly is going down the drain very rapidly now. The high street is littered with boring coffee shops of the American kind, serving “coffee milk shakes” rather than proper coffee – too disgusting to drink. The last time I counted, we had 2 Costa Coffees, 1 Paul, 1 Starbucks and 1 Café Nero dotted along a high street, a mere 500 m long. And don’t get me started on estate agents, phone shops and boring clothes shops…arrgghh! Now this was a good old rant but what are we going to do about our changing high streets? And why are people putting up with this rubbish invading out neighbourhoods?
    As always, best wishes from


  2. You can almost smell the coffee! Coffee beans have to be one of the most enticing things to touch… really want to run my hands through those beans!!! They look like great coffee places. Definitely on the list for my next trip to London.


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