hayward gallery

its lovely when your children start to recommend art exhibitions or places to go – i think that i have spent so many years telling them to get off their computers and go out – and so when alice called me up raving about this artist at the Hayward, i thought that maybe i should go.  she did say, it was more Robert’s thing, (she knows my love of romanticism) but strangely i did find it thought provoking, questioning and very interesting.  it definitely challenged my perception of modern art – but it revealed what a passionate, compassionate and engaging man jeremy deller must be, from watching his dreamlike film of bats, understanding his nostalgia of  1980’s manchester,  to his rendition of the miners’ strike, you really did feel that his art came from within.   the exhibition ends next weekend and is worth a visit, though give yourself plenty of time as there are a lot of films to watch.

after all this rain, we were lucky enough to catch a sunny and bright afternoon on the south bank – we passed the wonderful skylon restaurant at the royal festival hall, the skateboarders, the booksellers, popped into the british film theatre.   did you know that you can go into the mediatheque and watch any film on their archive for free?  there are quite comfy booths, so what a great thing to do on a rainy day!

or why not go and see an early show at the bfi and then take an evening stroll along the river, get a bite to eat or have a drink in one of the many cafes – its a lovely thing to do.  watching the sun go down on westminster bridge has to be one of the most romantic views in london.

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