broadway market

its an awful rainy day, but it didnt put us off going to broadway market today – robert had never been and although it was not a great weather day to take him he really loved it.   unfortunately they are digging up half the road, so some of the stalls have moved to the side road, but there is still an amazing choice of street food to taste.  we had some lovely mexican tacos that we bought and ate inside the pub adjoined to the stall.

still loved the 1930’s tiles of F.Cooke’s original pie and mash cafe – its beautiful interior still intact and kept up to perfection – i loved everything about it, the tiles, the benches, the way the napkins were displayed – but as the owner said, people like myself dont eat pie and mash and eels – we all go for the cupcakes and the other delicacies on offer!    its a shame, because places like this ought to remain in areas like this, but they only survive if we go in and support them – so i guess i need to start eating some jellied eels.

walking along we passed rebel rebel florists – a lovely selection of flowers, lucky bird – a lovely stall selling foil pressed cards and other stationary items, alice gabb with her collection of paper goods all beautifully displayed,   andrea garland with her selection of cosmetics – some decanted in vintage compacts, which would make a great gift for the girl who has everything,  delicious hand smoked salmon by hansen and lydersen and the most beautiful decorated cup cakes by violet.   these interesting stalls were dotted amongst the various food stalls.  aligning the street are the shops, such as our patterned hand – a fabric and haberdashery shop, selling some vintage fabrics, patterns and buttons – i love the way that all these fashionable essential shops are appearing with all the basics of simple crafts, such as sewing, knitting and haberdashery.  in my days, these shops were run by grannies in the back of a post office selling mainly nylon wool – today they are beautifully presented and the choices are more selective and modern.  absolutely love donion books with its interesting array of foreign, art, vintage and design books.   noticed a new fishmonger – fish and flounder – just what every high street needs – with its lovely interior it really draws you in to buy some fish for dinner.

we stopped for coffee break in Climpson and Sons which was nice enough and the croissants were tasty and light.  stella blunt is a cute vintage shop selling furniture and accesories – retro glasses, metal letter stencils, chairs…  so all in all its a good morning out for a saturday and you can bring home lots of good food to cook – a lot of the same stalls from borough market are also at broadway market.

dont forget to pop into the school yard market, a little extension of broadway market, with more choices of great food and vintage, including a great stall selling vintage cycling badges and books.  there is even a pizza man with a portable wood burning stove on wheels – what a great idea for a party!

i dont look at all the you tube links that people send me, but you will love this one about street markets – narrated by sid james its a perfect end to get you into the swing of all the street markets around london.

love the shop window of cooke’s pie and mash

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