wuthering heights and melancholia

well we picked a couple of dark and depressing films to watch recently – it was just myself and Kim wondering what to do on our nights in cornwall.  wuthering heights was bleak, harsh and highlighted the racism and cruel times that we lived in the mid 19C;  melancholia showed how depression can take over your life;  its a sad but eye opening portrayal of how depression must feel;  the storyline itself  though is a bleak dismal end to human life and throws a horrifying encounter to deal with.  definitely not recommended if you are feeling a bit down.  on our last night we ended up watching something’s gotta give to perk ourselves up – in fact, i forgot how funny this film is and both of us were hilariously in stitches.  both jack nicholson and diane keaton were well cast and the script pitched perfectly for middle aged somethings.

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