lucian freud drawings

you must go and see the lucian freud drawings at the blain southern gallery – housed in a lovely house on the majestic streets of mayfair.  there is a very early drawing that freud did as a young boy,  then lots of informal sketches and  working drawings for paintings that you will no doubt recognise.  he mainly uses pen and ink, but the detailing and patience just confirm his masterly style.  i love their simplicity – he manages to convey character and form, only using strokes, dots and simple lines.  its quite a contrast to the huge paintings on show at the national portrait gallery.   its free entry, but you do have to go online and book a ticket to gain entry into the show – very simple, i only did it a couple of hours before i actually went.

combine this with the exhibition at the pippy houldsworth gallery, as they are quite close to one another.   i also popped into see my daughter, who works saturdays at sadie coles gallery – she was upstairs in the new sarah lucas gallery.  you can call me old fashioned, but even with a gentle explanation from alice, i still dont get it!

you can get these lovely ink cartridges and pen from nonesuchthings – just what you need to start your drawings flowing….. i love this muted colours, rather than the usual bright colours.

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