world book day

today is world book day – if you register online, there are lots of offers and events for children – i am all for children reading more and spending less time on the computer – though i do see that even publishers have had to move into more interactive studies for children.  but how lovely it is to read to a young child just before they go to sleep – it was robert’s highlight of the day, and now its all over – as soon as they reach 9 0r 10, they dont allow you that privilege.

my favourite places to have coffee are in bookshops that also serve you tea and cakes – what a perfect balance, to relax and spend time choosing and discovering new books.  the idler academy not only sells book,  lovely coffee and cakes, but offers a wide range of interesting courses from Latin to embroidery to life drawing!

the society club in soho, is another lovely place to stop by for tea and always has an everchanging exhibition.

Woolfson & Tay was recently recommended to me and looks a great place to stop by if you are in the bermondsey area.

in Cartagena, we stumbled upon a lovely bookshop and cafe, abaco  – so if you manage to get to Cartagena Colombia, do try and stop by there.

3 thoughts on “world book day

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and haven’t ever posted any comments but was moved (for want of a better word!) to today. I love books and sharing them with my two daughters has been really emotional for me. My eldest is learning to read at the moment and its such a pleasure for me to see her take delight in stories. World book day is such a great initiative. My husband came from a house where there were few books – he is a total book worm now – and I now know how priviledged i was to grow up in a house where having your nose in a book was the norm.

    Despite being (fairly) well read and travelled I’m ashamed to say that I had never heard of Cartegena before reading your blog and noticed yesterday while looking at the Hay Festivals that they held a festival there earlier this year!

    And if you are ever in the westcountry, there are two amazing book shops I discovered while in Bath the other day, Toppings and Mr B’s Reading Emporium, while they don’t have cakes, they do offer tea and coffee and are both book emporiums in every sense.

    Thanks for all the blogs you write.. I find them immensely inspiring!


    1. thank you so much for your lovely email, i was really touched to read that you enjoy my blogs, sometimes, i wonder whether i am wasting my time continuing this blog, but i feel that if nobody is enjoying them, then at least, i am recording my own personal journal of things to do and see. now, its my address book for so many things, especially as your memory starts to fail. it also kick starts me to do more interesting photos, which was my original aim.
      i love books and i do hope that all these little shops do not close. i refrain from buying now from amazon, it will kill the whole industry. thank you so much for your recommendation of book shops in bath too, i havent been there for ages and would love to go there soon – i must find the time. its wonderful that england has so much to offer.
      both my husband and i were brought up with no books, we both went to the libraries – this notion of just buying books has spoiled our children, i think it makes books seem less precious and worthy, as they are so ‘throw away’ now. we just looked forward to borrowing our max 3 books and returning them for something else to read. now our house is filled with books and i rarely see the children look at them, even i am guilty of this, they become another object on the shelf. thankfully, i stop now and again and take one of the shelf and put it by my bed to read…. marvelling at how wonderful the writing or photos are……


  2. It’s a great blog, well written and beautiful images! I pop in regularly for an update so selfishly would love it to continue! Keep up the good work…. see you have been busy this last week! Thanks.


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