what a thought….

well i have just finished reading ‘Love in the Time of Cholera‘ – it was even better second time round;  you always think that because you know the storyline, reading a book again is disappointing, because you know the ending, but in fact, I find that you actually enjoy and understand it better – you analyse and think more about the words and what they actually mean.  I loved this particular paragraph –

The day that Florentino Ariza saw Fermina Daza in the atrium of the Cathedral, in the sixth month of her pregnancy and in full command of her new condition as a woman of the world, he made a fierce decision to win fame and fortune in order to deserve her.  He did not even stop to think about the obstacle of her being married, because at the same time he decided, as if it depended on himself alone, that Dr. Juvenal Urbino had to die.  He did not know when or how, but he considered it an ineluctable event that he was resolved to wait for without impatience or violence, even till the end of time. 

Out of context this paragraph sounds like some horrific stalker, but in fact if you read the book, its not like that at all, its just somebody hopelessly in love who is prepared to wait for ever for the one he loves to become free.  In my  romantic world, I thought to myself what a nice thought that somebody out there is trying to make themselves worthy of love and is just waiting patiently for that opportunity.

Its funny how young children can read the same story night after night – they know the ending, but still they laugh with glee and enjoy it as though it was their first time.  I remember that Alfie’s favourite story was Goodnight Moon – he could recite it off by heart and for at least a year of his life, my husband used to read it to him every night – and now he has just turned 16 years old – where have all those years flown?


One thought on “what a thought….

  1. I had to smile, when I read your comment on “Love in the time of cholera”. I read the book in the late eighties and what stuck in my mind at the time, was how Dr Urbino adores the scent of his own urine post the consumption of asparagus. And didn’t his wife cook asparagus especially for him so he could enjoy this very scent?? It’s funny how some passages touch us and stick with us for years to come. At roughly the same time I read “Captain Corrolies Mandoline” and loved the passage in which the father tells his daughter about the beauty of true love and compares such a love to roots of two trees growing together and becoming one. I loved this picture at the time and wonder if it would still touch me in the same way.
    Best wishes for a good week ahead,


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