somerset house and dickens

well you cant help but notice the craze about Charles Dickens this year – he is 200 years old this year!  anyhow, i started to read the book, Charles Dickens a life, by Clare Tomalin and am addicted – {even this months vogue which is posted to me is lying unread),   i try to read at least 4 pages before i go to sleep – its such a big book, at this rate, i worked out it will take me all year!  its a very interesting read, not only about dickens himself, but about london and life in those times.  what is really intriguing is reading about how everyone walked to work through neighbouring fields, even from camden town to the city.  it gets your imagination working, visualising a london of little towns seperated by open green spaces.   the book begins with Charles’ father working at somerset house;  coincidentally i went yesterday to see the spanish drawings at the courtauld institute – Picasso is definitely the master – fewer lines, but they say so much.  you must go to the courtauld,  their collection of paintings is amazing, my favourite being Edouard manet and modigiliani and of course Picasso.  skating is still on until 22nd january, so if you havent had a go, you still have a chance.

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