happy new year to you all

well a new year dawns on us, its funny how and why we choose this particular date to resolve to do new intentions – i guess its natural to want to start afresh with anything new.  i just went to triyoga who are offering free yoga classes all day today, only to find that the one i was aiming to do today was already full – at least i got the half hour walk in!  so i am not the only mad one who got up deciding to stretch my body – all that sitting, eating and watching tv actually makes you feel like a slob.  i have actually joined a gym, starting tomorrow – in hope that by committing to something, it would make me go.  the kind of person i am, i hate waste, so if i go at least once a week, it will make the membership worth it.   we all need a push, and reaching a certain age, i have decided that a bit of cardio is what is needed in my life.  i love the yoga and pilates, but its the physical circulation that benefits the body and mind.  i actually tried a zumba class and enjoyed it so much, this has what spurned me to join – its fun, light and takes you back to your dancing days as a youth – try it, all the gyms now offer zumba classes- dont even think about what you look like, just lose your inhibitions and go for it – after 10 mins, i looked at the clock and wondered whether i had the energy to finish the full 45min.

so for 2012 i have lots of new intentions which i know by mid january will soon fade away, but at least you have thought about it.  once your children reach teens, you realise how fast life speeds away and that what is really important is your health, family and happiness.  so here are a few things that i will be bearing in mind….

generosity of thought

kindness of heart

patience of mind

selflessness in spirit

and specifically with my own family, calm not anger, praise not criticise, speak not shout

wishing you all a joyous and healthy 2012!

2 thoughts on “happy new year to you all

  1. Happy New Year to you too. You have a wonderful blog, fascinated me. Your photographs are amazing… Especially on craft pages… Thank you, I am glad to meet with you. With my love, nia


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