wheelers whitstable cookery courses

i still have never made it to wheelers restaurant in whitstable, famed not only for its oysters, but its wonderful seafood, its apparently the best restaurant in the area.  i just never seem to be organised enough to reserve in advance – i think you need more than just a week to reserve.  anyhow, one day i will make it there.  one of my frequent clients to the cottage loves it and actually did a cookery course there this week.  sounds an amazing deal, not only learn to cook well, but also get to eat there too.  we drove down for the day on sunday – amazingly very little traffic, so we were there and back before 6pm.  again, i forgot to reserve a restaurant, but managed to just squeeze into pearsons, which offers sunday lunch at great value and children under 7 get to eat free!

One thought on “wheelers whitstable cookery courses

  1. I haven’t thanked you in a while for all the lovely inspirations I keep picking up in your blog. Will put Whitstable on my list of places to visit – it must be lovely on a crisp winter’s day and seems to invite for a long walk followed by a delicious lunch.
    Hope all is well with you and the family,
    best wishes-
    Kirstin König


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