canos de meca

arrived in spain to torrential rain, but unlike england, the weather can soon change and within a couple of hours its bright and sunny again.   we took easyjet to seville – a recent additional flight, which was much more pleasant than ryanair – though the flight time was absolutely ridiculous – 6am from gatwick, which of course meant getting up at 3am.  lunch at la fontanilla in conil is always our lunch choice, but an evening stroll along canos de meca is always lovely at this time of year.  i would never recommend canos in the summer, far too busy and hectic – but out of season, its stunning beaches a short walk down the cliff tops is beautiful at sunset.   drive up to the hotel mar de frente, at the far end which borders the beautiful pine forest – looks a perfect spot to stay and at reasonable prices.  note that the far end beach is nudist though!!!

the unspoilt beaches of trafalgar are also high on the list – i noticed that they now have put a car park near the road, which i strongly recommend – you used to be able to drive right up to the lighthouse, but no longer.

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