well we ended our spectacular adventure in jamaica with a couple of nights in goldeneye – the complex owned by chris blackwell, who founded island records and is the site of the original ian fleming house – the very house that he wrote all the james bond books.  however, the house has been upgraded to a very high spec and with a very high price tag – but it is wonderful, big swooping windows with vistas to the sea – a very special place that now has 5 bedrooms.  there are now another 17 villas that you can rent, some directly on the beach, and some overlooking the lake – all with beautiful balconies with views of the water.   we stayed on the beach and it was amazing hearing the sound of the sea as you go to sleep.    totally different to geegam  – it did feel more of a resort, but the beach was just there, an infinity swimming pool and a couple of choices of restaurants.  personally i missed geegam, which had definitely become to feel like home!

what i would say is that jamaica in low season (ie may to sept) is perfect – its quieter, the weather is still hot and balmy – who minds the odd shower, and generally they are very early morning or only last an hour – and the hotel rates are lower.   portland has to be the best kept secret in jamaica.

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