finca cortesin

well we ended our week in spain with one night treat in a hotel – absolute luxury for me.  i do love having the house in spain – its been over 11 years now, but i have to say, its not a holiday owning a property abroad.  you do have to think about the upkeep, day to day maintenance, wear and tear etc….  especially with something as old as ours.  over the years,  we have gradually restored and updated most of the interior and garden, so i guess  the investment value is there. though if you take in account the deep recession in spain and the high cost of the euro, then i would definitely advise that you think of buying a house abroad as something that you are actually going to use, rather than just as a pure investment.   fortunately, we do love this region of spain and the house does get used.   my friend Patrick has lovingly restored a house in the same village and has embarked on another project in the same place, so he has put his house on for sale.  if you are interested, then have a look at how he has beautifully restored this typical andalucian house.

and so after a week of spring cleaning and sorting out the house, a night in a hotel seems a perfect end to a holiday.  (i must admit though, i still found myself tidying up the kids stuff in the room, i hate to see an untidy room even if its not mine!)  the restaurant schilo is a culinary feast – a perfect harmony of oriental and arabic influences – i dont usually like these fine dining restaurants, but this one is definitely a special treat.  the presentation and tastes are of another world.  pricewise its comparable to the river cafe or scotts in mayfair.

even if you are not staying at the hotel, then you can visit the restaurant, and combine it with a visit to a lovely antiques shop, Marisa Gonzalez Serbs.  next door is a very interesting exhibition of collages based on nature and the influences of the alhambra.    definitely worth a visit if you are in the estepona, marbella area.  Carlos Diaz de Bustamente Loring and his art in light boxes exhibition runs until 4 september 2011 at Finca Cortesin.

love this beautiful arrangement of pots and tiles with the double marble sink thats in the dining room of the finca cortesin.  although its very modern and slick, there are touches of lovely antiques and some interesting styling details.

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