sleep has to be the best beauty tip, but how many times  have  you either gone to bed shattered, tossed and turned and not able to go to sleep.  Or have you  fallen asleep quickly then awoken at 3am, again tossing and turning, with long lists of what to do on your mind.

through sheer experience i have tried the following natural methods:   lavender oil under your pillow, put a few drops on a handkerchief or lavender bag, amethyst stone by my pillow – amethyst is meditative and calming , Bach remedies white chesnut – a few drops in water to help take away unwanted thoughts just before you go to sleep,   quiet life herbal tablets by Lanes seem to promote sleep by taking away worry and stress;  night time tea by pukka is soothing to drink , from wholefoods, but at the moment, my favourite is sleepy tea made by Lemon Balm, which is a mixture of fresh herbs that you steep in boiling water and drink before you go to bed.

One thought on “sleep

  1. Thanks Christina, I’m feeling like one of the support cast in Shaun of the Dead at the moment … so will try all of them!


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