chicken soup with barley

went to see this fantastic play by Arnold Wesker, which spans 20 years of a family in the east end.  feisty Sarah, a committed communist has an optimism that dominates the whole family.  its a sad, but eye opening vision of a family and its struggle to live a normal life.  it begins in 1936, where everyone has such great enthusiasm for life within the communist party, but ends with a sad reality that living can just wear you out.   sarah still fighting to the end for her beliefs, but the rest of the family retreating.   it did make me think that our social awareness and  passion is dying within family life – children these days have so much more to separate them from the traditional family life-  materialism has completely taken over.   loved the set design, the props and costumes really brought to life the era, and most of the scenes seemed to be centred around tea and bread and cakes at the family table.

have never been to the royal court theatre before and was pleasantly surprised to see the large restaurant are in the basement.


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