kinnerton street

went to visit le couturiere girs, the 2 japanese girls to alter a lovely old 50’s dress that was given to me by my lovely friend Pip – it didnt fit her too well, but was a perfect shape for me.  however, after wearing it for one evening, i realised that i could barely sip a drink without my waist feeling that it was going to rip the dress – hence my trip down south to clapham –  where takakoko will let out the waist  either by undoing some pleats, or even inserting a panel. so if there is anything that you love, but cant fit anymore, its worth thinking about altering it.  couturiere are based in clapham common, no website, but you can email them or call 0207 223 3399

on the way home, i popped into egg in kinnerton street – the space is in a beautiful old mews, in fact kinnerton street itself is a hidden gem, with courtyards of pots, both residential and commercial.  egg is very expensive, but it does have a lovely selection of white glass vases and fine white cotton garments.  its very bohemian, but it is different and quite inspiring.  i do admire one off shops in london – its hard enough for even the bigger stores to sustain – look at habitat, sad, but at least they are keeping the 3 main stores in london.  i think you have to appreciate that individualism does cost money.

opposite there was a new boutique selling candles – some very beautiful filigree lace candles stood out – the glass jar ones are more typical.  however the shop itself was beautifully presented – all the candles were displayed on antique shelves or recycled bits of furniture.  worth going just to see the interior, and also the candles are actually made in the back of the store, so you can see how it all works.. rachel vosper candles.

apparently the display shelves came from french house antiques – which looks very interesting and is definitely on my list of places to visit.

the birthday candle card is one of my greeting cards available to buy from my website.

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