beautiful country hotel near tarifa

havent been to this hotel, but it was highly recommended to me – looks stunning – one of those special places for a special time.  have a look at al aguilon– looks like my dream house.   situated near the wonderful dunes of tarifa – the natural beaches are unspoilt and perfect for surfing.  also just noticed that easyjet are starting a new route to seville, which makes getting to our house easier – at the moment, we seem to have to rely on ryanair, so its good to get a bit of choice.

somebody asked me for a cheaper recommendation of somewhere to stay in seville – i forget that because of my husbands job of travel writing we are lucky to get cheaper rates, but what we always discover is that if you call the hotel direct, you can always find discounts from the listed price, especially if there are rooms available at last minute.  when we ask about the rates, they always say that they differ and are negotiable.  anyhow, we have stayed at the well positioned hotel simon in seville – with its classic spanish courtyard, the rooms are just fine and well priced.   we stay there if we have gone for a day trip, and suddenly decide that we dont want to drive home that night.

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