sweet shops

i love old fashioned sweet shops – they seem to be on the increase! either its the nostalgic value or we are just eating sweets again. i tried that thing of giving my toddlers rice cakes and raisins – educating them away from sugar – a far cry from my own childhood  – but they soon found sweets themselves by the time they got to 8 years old, and then by secondary school you have no chance. ( by the 3rd child i also totally gave up – trying to hide things when the elder one is around is impossible ).

today was such a beautiful day and we drove to the cotswolds to have lunch at a friends house. what i have always noticed is that we always end up passing through Burford – it seems to be the hub of the cotswolds. we stopped by to get some cakes and of course popped into the sweet shop there on the high street to get the kids some treats.  its not an original old sweet shop, but nevertheless has a great variety of the usual sweets plus tasty chocolates.   on a good day its less than 2 hours to get to the cotswolds from london,  and definitely a lovely day out to see the pretty stone cottages and villages and eat a cream tea.  a great place to stay, and not too pricy is the village pub – owned by the wonderful Barnsley House – its affordable and has great food.  one of our friends got married in Barnsley House and it is just a memorable place.

Hope and Greenwood have an amazing array of sweets, sold in lovely jars, so perfect for a present.   mrs kibbles is another retro style sweet shop.   the sugar boy in whitstable is a sweet shop with no frills, just rows and rows of jars!

dress by ilovegorgeous

One thought on “sweet shops

  1. Sweetshops and Cots wolds….I love both and have very fond memories of the Cotswolds. I got married some 20 years ago in Upper Slaughter, I tiny hamlet not far from Burford. We were the first couple in over 5 years to get married there and certainly the first German couple EVER to get married in Upper Slaughter. We simply fell in love with the tiny church we stumbled over when hiking in the area and I will never forget the moment, when we rang the vicar’s doorbell, ( as one does, aged 28) had a cup of tea with him and asked him, if would ever consider to marry us. His big blue eyes lit up and he said, “of course I will marry you” and he did. We had a beautiful country wedding all our English and German friends and family who joined us, will never forget. Will write to you with the name and contact details of an English Yoga teacher who teaches in La Muella. You may want to join her when you go there in May and yes, one day we may well meet in beautiful Andalucia.
    Best wiehs,


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