poem for the day

probably too late to go online and buy a valentine’s gift, but you can still get to a bookshop and support them!  daunts usually has a wonderful selection to inspire you, and its so lovely walking into their marylebone branch and seeing the wooden bookshelves.   or try books for cooks in notting hill, they definitely will have a book that you can buy your loved one – think about what you would like to eat for dinner next and get that book with its interesting recipe!  waterstones in picadilly is housed in the old simpsons and will definitely have lots of books to choose from.  its definitely romantic though to choose a poetry book.


Love is not

Love is not just a function of the eyes.

Beautiful objects will, of course, inspire

Possessive urges- you need not despise

Your taste. But when insatiable desire

Inflames you for a girl who’s out of fashion,

Lacking in glamour-plain, in fact -that fire

Is genuine; that’s the authentic passion.

Beauty, though, any critic can admire.

Marcus Argentarius (20BC-30AD)

taken from Love Poems, the everyman’s library pocket poets.

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