have just photographed the next book for the very creative Jane Brocket, the Gentle Art of Knitting,  which is due out next March 2011 and i certainly felt domestically inspired. (but maybe thats something to do with my age!) .  in the meantime, you can buy her present book, the Gentle Art of Quilt Making – be motivated to make a quilt, there is no rush, just do a few squares when you have a spare hour or two, and maybe by next spring, you will have made a quilt!  I just bought a 2nd hand 70’s  bernina sewing machine from the indespensible Chapman shop in Camden that not only supplies, repairs and guarantees your machines, but also fixes vacuum cleaners and hoovers.

i always have the intention of starting a quilt, even getting my daughters to make a square or two, and have even saved worn out clothes with my favourite patterns precisely for this occasion…..

there is something soothing and homely about quilts – i used to think they were very goldilocks and the 3 bears, but after seeing the wonderful quilts exhibition at the V and A, it was enlightening to see that most of the loveliest old quilts were made by men. one of my favourites was the quilt made by prison inmates, which just goes to show that you dont even have to be a trained seamstress to make a quilt – but maybe what you need is a lot of spare time!

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