furniture shops

its getting increasingly hard to find classic furniture that you would want to live with for a long time.  in reality, how many times do you change your sofa in your life, possibly twice?    for new modern furniture  we have bought our classic chairs from scp, pricy, but you know that they are the well made version, rather than the cheap copy which will fall apart in a few years.    you can also try Tom Dixon, who designs beautiful chairs, lights and a wide range of accessories – all will become design classics.   Ideally, i prefer to find vintage classics, and for these, i usually go to Twentieth  Century Design which is on upper street in islington, Margaret Howell who always has a changing choice of ercol classics , Alfie’s Antique Market,  back in time – which  has great bargains and is  on the holloway road, DA binder on church street and also on the holloway road.  themes and variations always stocks beautiful and individual pieces that you rarely find anywhere else, but these are real special pieces.  another vintage shop is 2 columbia road, which always has an unusual collection of furniture.   we bought this classic george sherlock sofa over 25 years ago, and it still looks great!

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