Artisan shops in Vejer de la Fronterra

It may seem that I am talking a lot about Vejer, but since I am here for a couple of weeks, it seems the best time to write about my discoveries.  Increasingly there are more and more artisan shops here, from the basket weavers that I spoke about before in a previous entry, (Juani Marchan has a wide selection of handmade baskets, hats, and table mats for sale – all handmade.  Situated Traalgar, 7.  its on the road behind the main square with the view.)   to Tarumba – selling lovely hand made ceramics made on site and silver jewellery.  Tarumba is owned by a couple of English girls, but their hand thrown bowls and vases are reminiscent of the simple types by Lucy Rie. Tarumba is on the Corredero

There is also a lovely shop selling hand loomed scarves and wall hangings.  The 2 ladies sit in there with their beautiful old loom, making beautiful shades of cloth. Each one is individual, using either silk, wool or cotton.  El Telar de Vejer is situated opposite the entrance to the main church in Vejer.

In a little side street sits an origami paper shop Taller de Badillo, selling hand made notebooks, and origami sculptures.  They also run classes for kids which can be fun and creative.

Galeria la Rampa in Calle Eduardo Shelley, 4 has changing exhibitions from paintings to photographs, showing local artists.

Muisca in La Plazuela, sells handmade jewellery in silver and gold.

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