sex and the city

I haven’t even seen sex and the city on the telly, but I went along with a couple of girlfriends for a bit of light fun, hoping to see a handful of gorgeous clothes and shoes.  It was definitely fun, though a bit obviously cheesy, a little footballers wives, certainly over the top and  a fashion fantasy  – it did make me think – maybe I should not slip into my pyjama bottoms when I get home to relax with my husband – especially in front of the telly, nor should I run up and down my  house staircases in my flip flops or birkenstocks – maybe if I sit in some glam frock with high shoes,   I  will get one of those yummy men!    I was hoping for a bit more of the Grace Kelly style and grace, but on the contrary, it was more strippers and overstyled celebrity glitz.  Please do not even attempt to take your boyfriend or husband – best to go with a girlfriend and have a laugh. 

ps this is my daughters violin teacher! (you need to see the film to get the joke)

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