its a wonderful place to take children to, they are amazed by the canals, gondolers and lack of cars!  no matter how many times you go there, you always discover new alleys, cafes and squares – its a place for walking aimlessly around.    when we go with the children, we always stay at a friends apartment on the Giudecca, perfectly situated away from the hustle and bustle of tourist Venice, but close enough to be convenient.  contact Landsley  at for more details.  otherwise, if you are going for a romantic break, we always use Kirker Travel for our weekend breaks.  they put us in the wonderful Palazzo Stern, which is a beautiful 19C moorish palazzo directly on the Grand Canal.

see Guardian article by Robert Elms for Venice with kids

3 thoughts on “venice

  1. I love your photos and your style Christina! I’m just starting a C & G Photography part 1 course. All very new to me, but wondered if you could suggest some other photographers you enjoy to give me inspiration…? I have been trawling through Flickr, but after a while it becomes very difficult to choose…! I already follow 3191 Miles Apart. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Many thanks.


    1. hi Martina
      many thanks for your comment, and good luck in your course. i too hope to find inspiration for my photos, but find the internet too time consuming. i prefer to go to exhibitions and see the images; go to the Nat Portrait gallery and see the photo awards, there are always a few to see. There is of course, the Photographers Gallery, but again, its hit and miss. I do find that paintings are more inspiring at the moment, as they have the romanticism that seems to be lacking in todays ‘edgy and modern’ world. Photographers that i like are Tim Walker, but can be a bit contrived, Deborah Turbeville, Sally Mann, Jock Sturgess, Peter Lindbergh, Ellen von unworth, Poala Roversi, Sarah Maingot, Venetia Scott are to name a few, but i find that i dont always like all of their work, just bits of it. its hard to find inspiration these days, and welcome any other suggestions too. christina


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