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list of my desires

its 4 hours on the train home from cornwall – perfect timing for a nap and a good read – List of my Desires is a wonderful heartwarming tale of what we value in life and the pursuit of happiness – its beautifully poetic,  like a fable and is a very easy read.  it was suggested to me by my lovely friend Pip, who also read it in a day – its one of those books that you cant put down til you have finished.  now i need another book for my holidays……

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40’s vintage glamour.

my favourite pieces in my wardrobe are my vintage dresses – especially the ones from the 1940’s – there is just something special and individual about their finish and choice of fabrics and when i wear these pieces, they are the ones that get the most comments.   its also much nicer to wear clothes that you dont see lots of other people wearing;  i love cos and gap for everyday clothes, but how many times do you end up going out and your friend is wearing the same dress!

naomi thompson, the young but knowledgeable author is part of a group of wonderful vintage girls who not only dress in the style, but write, blog, model and live their life around their passions.  naomi wrote the book style me vintage that i photographed a few years ago. for more vintage insight, you must take a look at fleur’s blog – you will find lots of interesting things and links. personally for me 1940’s is my favourite era – i just love everything about it – half of me wishes that we all had to do our hair daily and dress so perfectly – no more flip flops, trainers…….. i am sure its a habit that we have all grown out of. i remember my mother having her weekly shampoo and set, wearing stockings and court shoes. now i only do this for a special occasion, for these vintage girls its no effort and they go about their daily lives looking so perfectly attired.

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secret lives of bees

do you ever read a book that you are dying to finish to find out the end, but then don’t want to finish because you are enjoying it so much?  the secret lives of bees is such a beautiful story,  its about a young girl’s coming of age, her memories and hopes for a mother that she lost when she was little, her relationship with other women and more importantly her recognition that colour does not matter.  set in south carolina in the 60’s, its poetical, spiritual, magical and uplifting.

gabriel garcia marquez

i was really saddened to hear that Gabriel Garcia Marquez has died and so there wont be any more great novels by him .  i recently re read Love in the time of Cholera during my visit to Cartagena, which has to be one of my all time favourite love stories.  fortunately he has written so many timeless novels, you can always go back and read them again.

If you are looking for a short read, try the Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ novella  ‘Memories of My Melancholy Whores’ – its a great weekend size book.  Its an intriguing novella of a very old man rediscovering life and love and was his last written piece.

For a fascinating insight to the lives of young women refugees in Palestine, you must read ‘Red Tent, by Anita Diamant,  the dynamic of suffering and renewed hope through friendship is the book’s main story.  ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini, is another moving book, narrating the story through the characters of 2 women Mariam and Laila.  There are chapters in this novel through which you will hold your breath, but the love, friendship, and spirit that grows between the characters makes this a remarkable read.

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instant light

lovely mary bought me this inspirational book, instant light, polaroids by Tarkovsky.   i havent used polaroids for a long time, but my two girls love them – unfortunately its so expensive now to buy.  you can only get replacement film for the classic poloroid camera by impossible.


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discovered this lovely magazine kinfolk – inspiring design, beautiful photography – covers food and things to make and do – you can buy it at the rizzoli bookshop in somerset house.

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love, nina

i am reading this book, love nina, which is funny , fresh and very clever;  its one of those books that even when you are very busy you can pick up and read at any time.   its made up of letters that nina wrote to her sister during her time as a nanny for a family in Primrose hill in the 1980’s.    its hard to believe that they weren’t edited, but amazingly her sister kept them all and now they are published together  to provide an entertaining read.  i love books that are made up of letters – my other favourite book being 84 charring cross road.  

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